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The best tips to give volume to your hair

Do you dream of a hairstyle with volume and texture? Is the reality different? Is your hair fine and flat? Don’t panic, you are far to be the only one; this problem is experienced by many! We confide something to you; your hair is on... >>

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Hair loss, how to fix it?

  Help, my hair is falling out! Hair loss is the biggest fear that we may have even more than put on weight. That's saying something! A less thick hair, thinning areas, more and more hair in the brush, the signs are multiple b... >>

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My hair under the sun, the best tips to protect them

  What a joy this sun, the heat and the azure blue sky. We waited a long time and finally it feels so good! But not for all ... The sun and the hair do not go well together! You might have noticed it, the sun can be the worst enemy of you... >>

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Dandruff! How to get rid of it?

  Nearly half of both men and women suffer or have suffered this inconvenience. Unsightly or dirty look , dandruff is an embarrassing aesthetic problem. They reflect an unbalanced scalp but do not damage the health of the hair. To... >>

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Dry Hair Solutions

Is your hair dry, drab or brittle? Look crispy and difficult to style? It’s obvious that you are in the most common hair trouble! It's a vicious circle, more your hair is dry more they become tangled and more the end will split! This... >>

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Oily scalp, what to do?

  More likely to have oily hair, this disadvantage has disastrous repercussions on the beauty of our hair. The hair looks dirty, with no volume and drab. Nothing glamorous... The origin of this inconvenience is the sebaceous gland... >>

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Brushing my hair: simple and daily act!

  Messy hair that looks like dreadlocks or at best straw textured, no thank you! More they are knotty more is pulling and bigger is the risk to break ... inconvenience to take seriously! For the greatest respect of your hair and to ma... >>

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How to get rid of the frizz

Major problem of curly hair; frizz are rebellious and capricious. They look messy and unkempt and waste too often wavy hairstyles! On top of that, they appear the edges just to make sure that we notice them. Fight frizzy hair seems to be very ... >>

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Hair loss, Well understand for a better care

    Hairs grow, fall and are constantly renewed. It's called the hair-follicule cycle. This included three phases: growth (anagen), rest (catagen) and fall (telogen phase). The length of the hair cycle is 2 to 4 years for... >>

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The best way to shampoo my hair

Washing your hair is one of those repeated acts that turn out to be automatic. It become an usual moment that we ignore the importance... In addition to cleaning, a good shampoo treats the hair and the scalp, balances the hair fibre  and ... >>

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The new school year without lice! The right thing to repulse them and to get them off.

  Moms’ enemy number 1, lice are a real pain! Each school year, it is always the same fear. Information from school preventing their return prove once more that their extinction is not yet arrived! A nightmare that makes one’s... >>

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