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Under a pink summer

This summer promises to be pinky! This is the fun trend to adopt for the season. From the pastel to the flashiest, pink gets into all its forms. It-girls have advocated and made it a necessary fancy hair to get! True phenomenon of fashion ... >>

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High Fashion Men - fall winter 2015-2016

Here is an overview of the fall winter 2014/2015 of the most famous stylists of the fashion world. Reflections of their collection, hairstyles are made to perfection. They are true inspirations for upcoming trends. Discover hairstyles ... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Hairstyle Haute Couture

High Fashion Fall Winter 2015-2016

Here is the most beautiful hairstyle inspiration of the greatest stylists of the fashion world.   Reflections of their collection fall winter, hairstyles are made to perfection.   They are true inspirations for upcoming t... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Hairstyle Haute Couture

Hairstyle : The Rare Bird

  When the hair becomes feathers and the soul is volatile; scissors and comb fly endlessly to sculpt the improbable... Stylists invent hairstyles as surprising and unusual. They interpret in their own way this utopia of feathers w... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Extravagance

When Designers wedding dress inspire us

  What's better than designers to inspire us of bridal hairstyles? The spirit of their collection is seen on jewellery, accessories and hairstyles. Models strike a pose in the most beautiful dresses. Stylists and creators do their... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Party & Event

Flowers for my wedding

  A glance resting on a flower and here is a day filled with happiness. What's more beautiful for your wedding than flowers? They give immediately the trend for a Romantic, Chic or Bohemian style. They go perfectly with the Br... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Party & Event

Bridal hairstyle

  The d- day approach, invitations are send, the dress is chosen, the celebration is gradually organized ... But what about the hair? Your guests will admire you because you are the star of this big event. Nothing should be left to ch... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Party & Event

The Retro Bun XXL

  Fashion is everyday a new beginning and we are back in the retro years! It comes from the 50s and 60s; retro bun created the craze among high fashion designer. In the spotlight on the catwalk, it became a very trendy style. The ... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Party & Event

The best of braids

  Nice hairstyle without stress? Well, the braids of course! They have become the icon of stylish hairstyles. from the cool appearance, they can change to so many different style.. Twists, fishtail, few or many strands, big or thi... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Party & Event

Men with long hair

More and more men are tempted by long hair. These cuts that glorify your hair fibre is getting very popular! A super sexy look, so manly side, your masculinity is unequivocal. Long or medium hair’s got followers: seducers in the field or... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

Beard style

Gentlemen, make your beard an asset charm! A question comes up every morning in the mirror? Shaving or not? Certainly, a shaved skin is soft to the touch (and kisses), but it implies a perfect daily maintenance. To reconnect with your ... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The copper in the spotlight

  This winter, the big trend is going to red! Who has never dreamed of fire hair? By setting its sight on the most brilliant hues, fashion radiates with fawn tints! From flame red to strawberry blonde, colours are bright and enhan... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The Fringe in all its shapes

The fringe is gaining popularity! It is definitely a great trend! There are an infinite number of variant shape and length to stylize your look! Many assets in hand, it personalizes, improves and sets the tone for your look. There is always a ... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The Half-Hawk or Side-Swept

The rebellious side triumph over all heads! An asymmetrical styling to bring the volume, a simple realization, feminine and sexy lines; here's how to unveil a part of the face and hide another... The Half-Hawk or also called Side-Swept... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

Natural colours are back!

Favoured by high fashion designers, the natural hair parade on the most beautiful models in the world. For the Street Style natural fits with all styles and goes easily to every kind of accessories. Tired of colours that look artificial? B... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The French Balayage, a classic perenially fashionable

The best in hair salon! It was renamed by varnishing, frosting, sun kiss, sun light, California and many other names ... Still relevant, this great classic is still one of inevitable in salon. The balayage fits into all types of length on natu... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The triumph of Tie & Dye

A success story! Adopted by celebrity and fashion victim the tie & dye caused a furore! Everything began with the Californian surfers with their golden hair much lighter on the spikes. Also called “shadow hair” it is more t... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The Punchy Touch

Extravagance or strand of fantasy, punchy touch lends itself to many different styles. Declined by creators, popular in collections, it retains its place of honour in every season to give dynamism to hairstyles. A bit provocative, it can be al... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

Splashlight, the unexpected colour!

The spot light in the middle of the hair. Inspired by the popular tie & dye, the Splashlight is to provide a halo of light in the middle part of the hair. Everything starts with the desire to create the effect of a laser beam is hittin... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The best ponytail hairstyles

Far from being an ordinary hairstyle, the ponytail has taken a youthful look. Boosted by the stars of the red carpet it is easy to wear, especially in elegant dress or casual style. Revised and corrected it is on all shapes, sometimes strict a... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The wavy beach hair

Just like you are back from the beach, the soft natural waves will the hottest hairstyle of the season. Inspired by the surfer’s hair, these loops make dream the whole planet. A blur mane, falsely neglected ripples sculpted by the se... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

Crest or Pompadour hairstyle, the high volume on the head!

Tired of traditional and unoriginal hairstyles? Bored of your flat hair without tonicity? Opting for high volume on the head! You personalise your hairstyle without fail and gain volume and lightness. A way to break the routine and to rock you... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

Short and feminine

Who has never dreamed of a sexy cut with short hair? The boyish cuts doesn’t stick to their name… By releasing our femininity they conquered the woman of the 21st century. Sensual look, spontaneous or modern, the short hairstyle r... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

Bob is trendy!

The bob hairstyle is back for good! This hairstyle began no long ago a fashionable trend. Very easy to wear and really flexible creators love it. For a chic, urban or casual effect there is for all tastes and all gaits. The bob comes in almost... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

The English men's haircut

The Anglo-Saxon haircuts are in the spotlight! Lighthouse male hairstyles, British hairstyles pay tribute to charming men who take their style and love their mane. From classical to porcupine, everything is in the shape. Quite short on the sid... >>

Styles & Inspirations / Trends

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