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How to get rid of the frizz

Major problem of curly hair; frizz are rebellious and capricious. They look messy and unkempt and waste too often wavy hairstyles! On top of that, they appear the edges just to make sure that we notice them.

Fight frizzy hair seems to be very difficult. Nevertheless there are simple remedies to treat them daily. Just fit the right thing depending on the nature of the hair and the desired hairstyle.

It's time to end up with the crispy and ruffled hair! Here is how to give a hard time to frizz, even the wildest one...

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What make your hair frizz?

There are several factors that may affect this state. First of all the type of hair: kinky, curly, wavy ... they are unrelaxed by nature and can easily create frizz.

However, there are other causes that influence the hair to frizz.

Humidity is the most famous and iconic phenomenon. When the humidity of the atmosphere is important, the air is saturated with water and thus hydrogen molecule. These hydrogen molecules will establish links with the protein of the keratin’s hair and will withdraw into themselves. Here is how a hair will twist on itself facing humidity!

Conversely, dry conditions can affect the hair. Hot air dehydrated the hair and cause weakness and dryness. The hair tends to be static and frizz easily.

High porosity hair create frizz. The cells cuticle prevents the hair’s inner structure. Dehydrated hair got damage and open scales, which make the hair frizz. Rough and very dry hair is more subject to this problem.

Chemical treatments, sun, and constant rubbing cause weakness and dryness. Stop touching permanently your hair and be careful of what you use.

Finally, short hair got more elasticity. Leave your hair longer that they get heavier and curl out less.


Must rules:



Don’t shampoo your hair too often, it damage the lipid film of the hair and make them static. In other words, do not wash every day.


Choose a mild shampoo. Too detergent shampoos dry out the hair fibber.


Moisturize your curls with a nourishing mask and leave it few minutes before rinsing. This is very important because the more your hair is dry and the more it will frizz.


Add a dot of serum to moisturize very dry hair. Serum oils will give shine and softness.


Towel dry your hair gently without rubbing. Frictions make them more rebellious.


Let your hair dry naturally, the heat makes them fluffy and big.


If you can not do without your hairdryer, place a diffuser on the end of it and use soft ventilation.


Cut your split ends. Frizz with split ends are very rebellious and look messy.

Better to cut a little 1 inch before the split ends increase, your hair will be much brighter.


Avoid short layer or tiny fringe. When the hair is short it curl and frizz very easily!


Be careful to humidity, it is your worst enemy! Protect them to wet weather and to the perspiration from warm weather.


Accessories (hat / headband) are inclined to suffocate the scalp and keep the heat that may cause sweat. It can make the hair frizz under the action of heat and humidity caused.



For a wavy or curly hair:



To keep the volume and define your curls, use a mousse for curly hair. On wet hair, apply the product from root to tip and comb through. Bounce the curls by rubbing them lightly in the palm of your hands. Leave your hair dry naturally or still gently with the hairdryer.


For wavy hairstyle, apply on the frizz a soft hair gel. On wet hair, comb at the back the frizz with a bit of gel. Wait quietly for it to dry, then style with your finger without undoing the waves.


If you are in a rush, damped the frizz and apply a anti-frizz spray. Let it dry without touching then style the curls with your fingers.


Once frizz are intertwined with the rest of the curls, stop touching! You may divide the small hair and create the frizz again.


For a smooth and straight hair:


Choose a relaxing hair mask. It will relax your hair fibber while providing softness and nutrition.


The anti-frizz products are recommended when styling. They wrap the hair with a protective film to prevent humidity. Their formula help to control the volume and reduce frizz.


For zero volume, smooth down your rebellious locks with flat clips. Let dry and then remove the clips. Brush and style with hairspray, they will be more disciplined!


The Brazilian straightening or keratin treatment is very efficient. It reduced between 50 and 80% of the curls and eliminates frizz. The hair becomes smooth and shiny for several months.

If your hair is slightly wavy and have some frizz, the straightening can be performed only on the necessary places. This will avoid doing the all hair and the cost of a full straightening.


Classical or Japanese straightening give a straight and smooth result. Volume curls and frizz disappear completely and permanently. The hair is silky and easy to style. The straightening can be renewed only on regrowth.


Be careful to hair straightener! Repeated use dehydrates the hair, makes it brittle and dry and can even burn it. These inconveniences increase frizz and porosity. In other words, it's all that helps the hair to frizz more!

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Fanny Ceresa
18/10/2016 05:36:49
How to get rid of the frizz

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