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Dry Hair Solutions

Is your hair dry, drab or brittle? Look crispy and difficult to style? It’s obvious that you are in the most common hair trouble! It's a vicious circle, more your hair is dry more they become tangled and more the end will split!

This may get worse if it is not taken seriously. It is important to act before your mane become rough and unglamorous!

Don’t worry; a few simple steps will help to regain softness and shine! Follow our best advice and go for total hydration!

Photo Angelo Seminara

What are the causes?


It’s very often physiological. Hair can be naturally dry, it is very common for wavy, curly and frizzy hair.

But there are external factors that can influence this state.


_ Hard water, chlorine or sea salt are very drying, rinse well with clean water and protect your lengths.


_ The sun dries your hair more than your skin: don’t to expose them to often


_ The pollution, smoke of cigarette and ventilation (air conditioning, excessive heating) can dry your hair.


_ Colours, highlights, straightening and other chemical techniques can significantly damage your hair, be careful to the frequency and their utilization.


_ Abusive Blow dry and smoothing to frequently has a disastrous effect. They damage your hair fibre and burn the cuticle. Try putting your hand instead of your hair and you will see what you make them suffer!


_ The rubbing on clothes is causing split ends. If your hair is weak or simply fragile by nature, permanent friction can amplify the proces.


_ Products too detergent or unsuitable (shampoo or soap) can also dry your hair.


Be careful to very dry ends! They are likely to increase if they are not shopped!


How to treat?


_ Wash your hair with a mild shampoo specific for dry hair and leave in a few minutes to let the active agents work.

_ Treat them with a rich and nourishing hair mask for dry hair. Towel dry your hair and apply carefully on lengths and ends. Leave in several minutes or even a few hours.

Repeat at least once a week.

* Tip: Wrap your hair in a clip and cover with clingfilm. The heat from your scalp will be concentrated in cellophane and help the product to penetrate easily into the cuticle.

_ Moisturize them with a serum or no rinse spray. A drop or two are enough to bring softness and shine. Apply the serum only on lengths and ends without touching the roots. On wet hair you will get more softness, dry hair more shine.

_ Reinforce your hair by a trim every 2/3 months. This will make your hair stronger and prevent damage ends.


Which DIY remedy?

Kitchen and hair are not necessarily obvious at first. But on reflection, some natural ingredients can bring to our mane amazing virtues.

Fun, creative, green, there are a thousand reason to try.

Who knows, a miracle may be at the bottom of your fridge?

If you’d like to fancy the experience here is the list of the best ingredients and their benefits:


Oils for moisturize: olive oil, argan, Monoi, coconut or almond

The egg for softness

Honey for shine

The mixture of banana for vitality

The mixture of avocado for smooth


The rule is to mix oil with 1 or 2 items depending on the hair type and the desired result.

DIY mask must be left on longer than other cosmetic masks and before shampooing. After rinsing your homemade recipe, be sure to wash your hair.


As an indication, for a mid-long hair use:

_30 ml of oil

_20 ml of fruit mixture

_10 ml of honey

_2 Egg yolks

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01/03/2016 07:32:05
Dry Hair Solutions

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