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Brushing my hair: simple and daily act!


Messy hair that looks like dreadlocks or at best straw textured, no thank you! More they are knotty more is pulling and bigger is the risk to break ... inconvenience to take seriously!

For the greatest respect of your hair and to maintain their health, of course they must be untangled!


A daily gesture not so trivial ...

Even professional claim and approve the benefits of brushing.

The only condition is that it is gently and well executed! With our advice, this beauty ritual will have no secrets for you!



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How to proceed?


Regularly; 2 times a day, morning and evening.


Start to untangle the tips, after the mid lengths and finally the roots. Once these three steps performed, you can spend a last comb out from root to tip and voila!


Do not pull your hair.

If it’s very knotty, start to brush softly to remove knots on the surface and gradually brush deeply until your hair is completely untangled.


And during the shampoo?


If you have very tangled hair or leftover styling product, it is best to do a pre-brush before washing.


Those who have curly or wavy hair can untangle their mane during the shampoo before rinsing or when they leave on the hair care (if you apply a mask) with a detangling comb.


For those who have straight hair it is not necessary to brush under the shower.


Once out of the shower, brush again on wet hair and then do the usual drying.




Which brush to use?


The flat hairbrush (paddle brush) set into an air-cushioned and mostly made in plastic handle is preferred. It is done for all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair.


The wild boar hairbrush is the gentlest; it removes all residues, does not electrified hair and makes it silky. It is used on dry hair and is suitable for the whole family.


The more your hair is long the biggest the brush can be. The dimensions of the brush does not influence brushing, it only facilitates movement.


Remember under the shower, the large wide tooth comb that is recommended on wet hair.



How to take care of it?


After each time you use it, remove the hair that gets stuck.


1-2 times a month, soak brushes and combs in a hot water bath with a bit of shampoo or a few drops of ammonia.

Let soak it, take off residues and that’s all!

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Fanny Ceresa
02/03/2016 05:41:22
Brushing my hair: simple and daily act!

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