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My hair under the sun, the best tips to protect them


What a joy this sun, the heat and the azure blue sky. We waited a long time and finally it feels so good! But not for all ... The sun and the hair do not go well together! You might have noticed it, the sun can be the worst enemy of your hair.


Collection Hair has a lot to advise you to remedy for all these inconvenient. 


You’ll see, good acts and good reflexes preserve your mane from the worse and may even embellish it.


Follow our recommendations and your hair will be as gorgeous as your tan!



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- As your skin your hair is subjected to devastating UV rays, choose a good protection. Protect your hair during sun exposure with sprays containing UVA and B filter.


- Do not forget your hat while sunbathing or long exposure to sunlight, nothing is better than a hat or scarf.


- Do not wear metal clips, they can mark the hair because the metal concentrates the heat and attracts UV rays.


- Brush it frequently, your hair tangle more often on the beach, with the wind and during swimming. You won’t have to pull on and break it, comb it gently and regularly.


- Rinse your hair well with clear and fresh water after bathing to remove as much salt or chlorine that are very harmful.


- Remove residue with a non-detersive shampoo or after sun shampoo.


Moisturize it in giving a treat to your hair every day, alternating mask, oil, serum or conditioner. One magic word: nutrition!


- Let your hair dry naturally, avoid blow-dry or straightening during the holidays, they are quite sensitive to heat and also want to be on vacation!


- If you see that your hair is broken, take a vitamin boost : A, Zinc et Oligo element..


Cut the ends before and especially after the holidays, split ends will continue and will increase over time. Take the opportunity to adopt a new haircut. See the trends of the season on the "Styles & Inspirations"


To choose the best solar products, please visit our "A summer under a hot protection! ".

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Fanny Ceresa
18/01/2016 06:07:13
My hair under the sun, the best tips to protect them

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