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Dandruff! How to get rid of it?


Nearly half of both men and women suffer or have suffered this inconvenience.

Unsightly or dirty look , dandruff is an embarrassing aesthetic problem. They reflect an unbalanced scalp but do not damage the health of the hair.

To see it more clearly and get rid of it, here is everything you should know...



The mechanism:


Called pityriasis capitis in medical terms, dandruffs are thin flakes of white colour coming out from the scalp. They are the sign of a mycosis (the fungus pityriasis) that causes inflammation and flaky scalp.

Pityriasis is present on all scalps and it is not contagious. When active, it accelerates cell renewal process that causes an accumulation of dead cells.


There are two types of dandruff:


Dry dandruff (pityriasis simplex): they are thin, white, come off easily and visible on dark clothes.

It is an acceleration of the scalps cellular reproduction and skin dryness.


Oily dandruff (pityriasis steatoides): they are whitish or yellowish, quite big, stick to the scalp and sometimes come along with itching or redness.

This is an excess production of sebum. We find this kind of dandruff on oily hair.


The causes:


Many factors are responsible for dandruff:

  • Stress or tiredness
  • Climate, pollution, cigarette smoke
  • Fever or illness
  • Drug or oral treatment
  • Hereditary factor
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Unbalanced diet or alcohol excess
  • Wearing helmet or hat that prevents the scalp to breath
  • Chemical hair treatment too aggressive: blow-dry, smoothing, colouring, highlights, bleaching, straightening, strong styling product...




The actions to be taken:



Take care of your hair and your health, if the aggravating factors can be ruled out, your skin and hair will thank you!


Wash your hair with cold or tepid water, but not hot!


Do not rub your scalp during shampooing; it will accelerate the flaking.


Leave the anti-dandruff shampoo on for 5 minutes that act on properly.


Before rinsing, continue to comb your hair from the roots to mid-lengths to lift off tenacious dandruff.


Rinse your hair a lot; take care that the water goes on your scalp (lift your hair during rinsing). If residue remains they amplify the mechanism.


Space out the colouring, straightening and blow-dry, let your hair breathe!


If you suffer from itching, do not scratch your scalp; use a minty cooling lotion.


Among the countless product choices, focus on the professional and serious brands and follow the instructions carefully.




Treatment should be adapted to each type of dandruff and should be started with a suitable shampoo.


At first, it is best to use anti dandruff shampoo at pH 5 containing an anti-fungal, an anti-septic a mild detergent and regenerative properties (lanolin or camphor).


For oily dandruff an absorbent clay mask is recommended.


Essential oils have amazing therapeutic virtues. Among these extracts of medicinal plant, the most effective against dandruff are made of Mint, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Thyme, Tea Tree...


You can try homemade remedies like massage with sea salt or coconut oil, a rinse with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, a bath of olive oil or aspirin dissolved in water.

For each antidote, rinse with clear water and fallow with a regular shampoo.


Please note that these tips are not cosmetic products and can contribute to dry your skin and hair. Stay aware of the use and the frequency of applications.



In case of severe dandruff, it is best to consult a dermatologist. There could be a risk of inflammation of the scalp (especially if there is itching) or any appearance of eczema or psoriasis.

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Fanny Ceresa
18/01/2016 06:08:02
Dandruff! How to get rid of it?

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