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Oily scalp, what to do?


More likely to have oily hair, this disadvantage has disastrous repercussions on the beauty of our hair.

The hair looks dirty, with no volume and drab. Nothing glamorous...

The origin of this inconvenience is the sebaceous glands. They are at the base of the hair follicle and secrete oily and protective substance: the sebum. Normally necessary and nutritious, sebum becomes a cosmetic problem when excess (no health risk).


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Many factors are causing hyper seborrhoea:

  • hormonal disorders (especially during puberty)  
  • stress
  • food (too fat or unhealthy)
  • the atmospheric conditions (pollution / air conditioning, blow-dry too hot)
  • regular or frequent wearing hardhat, hat, cap etc..
  • environment (excessive heat, working in the kitchen ...)
  • taking certain medication
  • cigarette (smoking or passive)
  • frequent washing


Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the appearance of oily hair. Follow the advice of Collection Hair by adopting simple and effective daily actions.


First, reduce the frequency of shampoos. Wash too often stimulates the sebaceous glands that will protect in secreting more sebum. This is the vicious circle, the more you wash your hair and the more they become oily. Try to delay for a day your shampoo; even if it is uncomfortable, you will gradually need less washing.


Do not rub or scratch your scalp while washing; you will excite the sebaceous glands and secrete more sebum. During shampooing, massage gently, the products will do the job, they are quite detergent and wash the hair well.


Rinse your hair with cold water. The pores close up better and prevent further production of seborrhoea; it also makes your hair shine. No hot water, if you cannot stand cold water, you should opt for warm water the freshest possible.


Use a shampoo for oily hair told anti seborrhoea: often based on coal tar, nettle or citrus, salicylic acid, sulphur, Cade oil or proteins. Shampoos of professional brands (in salon or drugstores) are the most effective.


Leave for 3 minutes so that the active ingredients act up properly and then rinse thoroughly.


Apply a deep cleansing hair mask if the shampoo is not sufficient. The absorbent mask, exfoliating products with clay, menthol or eucalyptus oil are also very effective (again prefer professional products).


Do not apply treatment on the roots or any mask, conditioner, serum. If you use such products, apply it with at least 10 cm from the roots. The roots do not need to be moisturized and will be quite heavy with these treatments, target only mid lengths and ends.


Let your hair dry naturally the most often. Do not dry on high heat, they will tend to get greasy faster.


Stop touching your hair. The hydro-lipid film of our skin helps to lubricate our hair. In addition, you may spread the sebum on your hair.


Beware of styling products, soft hairspray is recommended. Waxes, gels, gloss or shine spray are obviously not recommended.


Let your scalp breath; avoid wearing helmet, hat or other accessory covering your head.


Both for your health and for the beauty of your hair avoid fat and sweet food. Opt for balances diet and healthy meals (fruits, vegetables, fish). Our diet plays a vital role in the health of our skin and scalp.


If you are taking medicines, check the side effects or talk to your doctor. Drugs can cause a hyper secretion.


Always for your health, choose a healthy environment, free from pollution and cigarette. These factors influence excess of sebum. This can be a good motivator to quit smoking or get away from smoker.


Be careful acute hyper seborrhoea can results in the appearance of scaly or red patches, flaky, itching and hair loss. In this case, consult a dermatologist while maintaining good reflexes mentioned above.


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29/10/2014 02:50:25
Oily scalp, what to do?

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