They are many ways to success in hair salon business, but most of the time we can miss the most important things that works for sure. Despite running a famous franchise or being the best hairdresser of the year, they are major rules to follow. It can be common sense for some or forgotten notions for the other, the essential keys to run a healthy business is due to simple things. Link after link you build the chain of the success. Follow The Keys to Success and your business will thank you!


  • Location: providing an easily accessible location for your customers. In the city being close to a bus station or train station will assure you the commodity for your clients. In town, having a car park near the salon is necessary. The most important is to be seen in the most popular streets or near stores and offices. If you think there is not many walkers in your street, put advertise signs on the busy road (may need a licence) that show the direction of your hair salon. Choose your location depending on the customers you select. If you want to do quick and cheap haircut go close to shopping centre, busy area… If you’d like to serve a posh clientele try your best to reach a wealthy neighbourhood. It’s important to check who is walking around your shop to understand the type of your future customers.


  • Professionalism: offering clients professional care with expertise is essential. Think as a customer, how will you be satisfied from a hairdresser? A beautiful blow-dry, a well done haircut… Have been understood and got what I wished. So, now on you must be the best in your speciality and train your staff. Do not hesitate to train you on the trends and innovations. Remember: your clients must leave with the smile on their face! Specialty: presenting specialties to your customers make things easier. There are so many different services into a salon that we can be lost! Brazilian blow-dry, Japanese straightening, extensions, dry haircut, wedding hairstyles, updos, makeover, organic or natural colours, even make up and nails… We can’t perform into all of this. Better to propose few specialities according to the type of customers and master them! Make your skills in practice and be the reference in what you do. Develop the concept of your hair salon with these main services.


  • Atmosphere: creating a great environment where customers can relax and received good care. This is a nice moment for the customers to take a time for them and appreciate the treatments that you give. Focus on the client that you are doing and be kind. A warm welcome, drinks, magazine, head massage and polite speech will delight them. Select the music; talk discretely with your colleagues and smile!
  • Decor: having a nice hairdressing is creating en encouragement to push the door. Regarding the concept of the salon, make your interior style interesting but not messy. The window must be attracting and well presented. Do not put too much information stay sober. A clean and tidy shop will of course transmit a good image of the health and safety of your business. Loyalty: making your new customers regular clients. Having loyal customers is essential for the economy of the business. When days are quiet you will thank to your regular customers for coming and making activity. All ways are good to give the salon repeat business. Loyalty card, discount, promotion or little gift; remember, the more you give the more you receive. Walk-ins should always be welcomed too; they can be your regulars tomorrow…


  • Marketing Strategy: attracting more customers and being competitive on the area. With all the points mentioned below you will make up a marketing strategy. Find the best price for each service and promote your business. It will serve you to be known and avoid quiet times. With the brand that you work with follow the promotions and report it on visible locations. Be aware of news and create a dynamic into your business, customers like to be surprised. Hairstyle is an art; make the most of it! 


  • Team: having a good team reflects your seriousness. It might be the difficult part. We must adapt depending on people. The base of all human relationships is Communication. Define a function for each collaborator based on their skills and be clear with what you expect from them. Giving confidence and motivation is the strategy to adopt. Manager should encourage reliable and hard worker but competition can cause sometimes negativity, jealousy or unfair situations. Be fair and act quickly if necessary before any miss understood. Build a team spirit where everyone is respected help other and find his place into the company. Customers will feel it and appreciate this professionalism! They will also change easily stylist if their regular hairdresser is no longer in the salon. We pass more time at work than out, the more you work in a good spirit the better you will feel! 


  • Reputation: enjoying a good reputation is the wish of all businessmen. It can be the best or the worst advertise; gossip is very powerful. Be very tactful and keep in secret all that your client told you. Preserving their privacy is essential for a good name. Behave as a professional and think that one customer unhappy is 10 aware of it. Providing superior personal service in a great environment assure you the success of your business. Keep in mind that we always need advice and support to go forward. The Keys to Success are all yours! Now it’s matter of determination!