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The best tips to give volume to your hair

Do you dream of a hairstyle with volume and texture? Is the reality different? Is your hair fine and flat?

Don’t panic, you are far to be the only one; this problem is experienced by many!

We confide something to you; your hair is one of the most difficult to style!


After the countless attempts, your hope to have beautiful and strong hair full of life flies away.

And yet just a few tips are enough to add more volume to any hairstyle! Once you understand what they need, you will find serenity and confidence to face a new day.


Here are the solutions to take up the gauntlet handily!


Photo: Davines

  • Firstly, wash them with a volumizing shampoo. These root-lifting shampoos have got gentle cleansing base that strengthens the hair. Their energizing complex restructures the hair fibre and gives them body. Moreover they make your hair easier to style through their anti-static properties.



  • Rinse your hair with cold water. Under the action of freshness, your hair will be more shiny and flexible. If you cannot stand cold water, rinse your hair with warm water (never hot) and finish with the coolest temperature you can bear.



  • Go for a volumizing conditioner or a no rinse spray for fine hair. They revitalize the hair fibre and give strength to the roots till the ends. These kinds of hair care are very appropriate contrary to masks that are too rich and make the hair heavy. If you really need to use your random hair mask, apply it only on the tips.



  • Dry shampoo brings volume and texture. Don’t use it to often. It is useful if your hair become oily very quickly.



  • The best styling product for an amazing volume is the mousse. It holds the hair and boost volume during the styling. On towel-dried hair, apply first on the roots and then comb it on the lengths and ends.



  • To maximise the volume to your hair, dry them upside down. Even before blow-dry, you can start drying this way.



  • The “optical illusion”: create contrast to bring relief. Highlight and colours remove the effect of uniformity and the hair seems less flat.



  • well done haircut is essential:

if you have short hair, messy and choppy haircut, or boyish hairstyle will give body and lightness. Easy to style, you just need to distribute some gel or wax between your hands and work it through your hair while creating volume and movement.


if you have longer hair, the layer is crucial! It adds volume and lightness and keep your lengths save. Be careful not to thin out your hair, this technique removes texture and makes your hair flat.



  • The blow-dry is the silver bullet! With a little knowledge you can change incredibly your hair and create: volume, lifted roots, smoothing, movement and waves... For sure, all types of hairstyles can be done. Many tools can be used like round brush, roller or iron, you just need to choose the right one for your hair.



  • Backcombing is an easy way to create volume on the roots and shape in the hair. By combing the roots in the opposite direction you will create light knots. Brush gently to smooth down the top of the hair. It last all day long!



  • Fix movement and volume with hairspray. This hairstyling has fine particles that hold your hairstyle and leave lightness and softness. You can apply it on your lengths and roots even after the backcombing.



  • Finally for the radical solution, dare the perm. It will increase your hair volume and add flexibility to your length. By light waves or curls, perm boost the volume for several months! Moreover, styling becomes much easier!
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Fanny Ceresa
04/04/2016 08:56:48
The best tips to give volume to your hair

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